Controversial plans to knock down three Victorian houses and replace them with a 30-apartment complex on one of Nottingham’s busiest roads have come under fire.

Developers want to demolish the homes on West Bridgford’s Radcliffe Road to make room for the four-storey block of flats.

They have submitted their proposal and are awaiting approval from Rushcliffe Borough Council.

But Jennifer Wilson, whose property on Ella Road backs on to Radcliffe Road, fears that the new build will harm the character of the area.

She said: “It does not fit sympathetically with the Edwardian/Victorian look of West Bridgford.”

John Pickering, of Eugene Gardens, added: “It’s an eyesore and not in keeping with surrounding properties.”

The proposal’s plans to develop a 30-space car park have also raised environmental concerns.

It is feared that the substantial loss of garden space would have a negative impact on wildlife and increase the chance of flooding in an already high-risk area.

VIDEO: Martin Naylor delivers his verdict on the flats proposal.

Protesters have also argued that 30 additional vehicles would only add to the current traffic congestion.

Emma Morley, who lives on Radcliffe Road, said: “It sometimes takes me five minutes to get off my drive.”

A transport study by the applicant suggests that the residents of the new development would be likely to choose cycling as their main mode of transport.

But many residents say Radcliffe Road is far from suitable for cycling.

Martin Naylor, 47, who lives four doors down, said: “In the 13 years I have lived where I do I have never seen one person from the existing buildings that would be demolished get on a bicycle.”

Concern has also been raised regarding the neighbouring nursery school. Edward Woodcock, of Ella Road, said: “The increased risk of harm to children as a result of increased traffic is not an acceptable danger.”