Things are hotting up and as much as we complain about the wet and windy, we also struggle with the scorching sun.

The Midlands is set to reach 27 degrees on Sunday – six degrees hotter than it will be in Ibiza. While Nottingham may not have beachy bods and UV raves, you still need to know how to best deal with the rising temperatures. Here are our top tips to stay cool in this premature British summer.


Keep those hands still. Using your hand to fan, while it cools wherever you’re fanning, is such a vigorous action that it uses energy and raises your body temperature. Use a piece of paper instead, like your signed photo of Wes Morgan, because it requires less energy.

Close the curtains

Ever heard of the greenhouse effect? That’s what will happen to your house if you leave the curtains open.

Eat right

Avoid large meals, meat and protein-heavy stuff. They feel heavy in your tum and increase the heat produced by your metabolic process. Besides, no one wants a roast while they roast. Fresh fruit, salads and other light meals are your friends this weekend.

Why are you stuck inside reading this? Get out there in Notts

Keep low

You’ve probably noticed that it feels far hotter when you’re upstairs. It’s even worse when you’re trying to sleep. So, pretend you’ve upset your spouse and slink off downstairs to kip on the couch.

Ice bath

Get cold feet. Give them a nice bath in an ice bath. The soles of your feet are very sensitive to temperature changes, so if you get them nice and cold you’ll feel comfortable for ages after.


Spice up your life

As weird as it sounds, spicy food can help keep you cool. You’ll work up a sweat, which is your body’s way of regulating your temperature. Add jalapenos, pepper, chili powder or mustard to any meal and you’ll be sweating in no time. Bottom line, it’s an excuse to have a curry.

Cold water bottle

Make a mockery of hot water bottles to beat the heat in the sheets. Before you go to bed, fill a hot water bottle with cold water and ice cubes.


Breathing is generally good life advice, but it can also keep you cool. There’s a yoga breathing exercise where you roll your tongue (if you just can’t do that, then pursing your lips will do) and breathe slowly through your mouth. This basically works to cool down your saliva, which then cools down the air before it enters your lungs.

Get soaked

Soak your socks – or a headband and wristbands if you feel like going full-on 80s. Your wrists are where one of the main blood flows is, so this is why it works so well to cool you down.