Shopkeepers are to be banned from selling 10 pack cigarettes and all flavoured tobacco later this month – following new EU rules.

The Tobacco Productive Directive (TPD) will be implemented on May 20 and will also apply to smaller packs of tobacco.

Menthol cigarettes will also be banned under under the TPD however EU member states will have a ‘phase-out’ period until 2020 before they are banned outright.

One 58-year-old shopkeeper from Nottingham, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she does not believe that the EU directive will have a marked impact on her business.

She added: “It might make people come into the shop less, but most people buy 20 packs.

“It might make young children try and smoke less but they all use the electronic cigarettes now anyway.

“I was contacted by a trading standards officer two years ago about the change when it was first decided and I was reminded again about six weeks ago.”

Following the creation of the directive, the then European commissioner for health and consumer policy, Tonio Borg said the EU’s decision to revise the sale of tobacco products was a positive step forward.

He added: “The parliament’s seal of approval is all the more significant considering the devastating effect tobacco has on the health of EU citizens.

“700,000 premature deaths occur every year, with 14 fewer years of life on average for smokers.”

  • Prohibits cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco with characterising flavours, for example, fruits and chocolate.
  • Requires that health warnings appear on packages of tobacco.
  • Health warnings must cover 65% of the front and back of cigarette and roll-your-own tobacco packages.
  • Bans all promotional and misleading elements on tobacco products.
  • Requires the tobacco industry to submit detailed reports to the Member States on the ingredients used in products.
  • Introduces EU-wide tracking and tracing to combat illicit trade of tobacco products.
  • Allows Member States to prohibit internet sales of tobacco and related products.
  • Obliges manufacturers to notify novel tobacco products before placing them on the EU market.
  • Introduces new labelling and reporting requirements for novel tobacco products and herbal products for smoking.
  • Sets minimum content for unit packs of at least 20 cigarettes and 30g for roll your own tobacco.
  • Menthol cigarettes will also be banned in 2020.