Voters are hitting the polls today to elect a new Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire.

Labour’s Paddy Tipping will once again be running, having served in the role since 2012. The other rivals for his position are Tony Harper of the Conservatives, Fran Loi from UKIP, and two independent candidates – Tony Bates and Jason Zadrozny.

Police and Crime Commissioners are responsible for making sure that forces run smoothly. They can hire and fire chief constables, help develop police links with communities, and set out the force’s priorities and manage its budget.

Nottinghamshire’s PCC role covers Nottingham Police. There are currently 41 PCCs in England and Wales.

The turnout in previous polls has not been very high. In the last PCC election in Nottinghamshire, only 16.8% of registered voters took to the polls in 2012. However, this was higher than any other voters in the country.

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