Angry parents have called for police involvement  over stoned parents coming to pick up their kids at a Nottingham primary school.

Hillocks Primary School, in Sutton-in-Ashfield, sent out a text to parents warning them about showing up to pick up their kids whilst smelling of cannabis and alcohol.

The text from headteacher Louis Regan said: “We have now had a number of adults approach us to say they have concerns regarding the use of cannabis and alcohol by parents picking up children at home time.

“We are now logging those concerns and where appropriate will inform the police.

“Can we please remind you that we have asked that you do not smoke outside the school gate.”

Ms Regan told the Mansfield Chad: “Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of children attending our school.

“The incidents reported to school have been limited in number, but I think most parents would agree that it’s inappropriate for a parent to pick up their child at home time smelling of alcohol or cannabis.

Parent Harriet Bragg, of Oak Street, Sutton-in-Ashfield, said she was concerned by the actions of some of the parents.

The 38-year-old mum, whose daughter Sarah, eight, goes to Hillocks, said: “It’s just nasty being around people who reek like this. It makes me worry about their kids.

“I think the police should be involved in this, because it’s a matter of child safety.

“I’m glad that the school sent the text out, because it is a real problem.”

A spokeswoman for Nottinghamshire Police said: “We have received no reports relating to such an issue at Hillocks Primary School.

“It is harder to investigate cases like this when there are only reports of a smell.

“If anyone has concerns about drug or alcohol-related crime then they should call us on 101”