Furious residents have been forced to clean up piles of rubbish dumped outside their shops in Clifton.

They say they have seen an increase in the number of people dumping sofas, gas canisters and carpets around the area in the last month.

And councillors are also becoming increasingly frustrated about the emergence of fly-tipping in Clifton.

Clifton NG11 Cars director Kevin Clarke said he had seen an increase in fly-tippers near his cab business on Varney Road.

Behind Clifton Pet Shop, Varney Road
Behind Clifton Pet Store, Varney Road

The 60-year-old from Silverdale said: “Over the past few years I have had to clear up all sorts of messes nearby my office. So much of this is happening, and I always see stuff like mattresses being dumped around here.

“I have been here in Clifton for over 15 years, and it’s steadily got worse over the last year or so. I feel the council should take more responsibility with the issue and try to buy the land back or put up gates to stop people from doing this again.”

Michael Pietrzak, of Clifton, has also witnessed fly-tipping on a number of occasions near his barber shop on Silverdale.


He said: “It’s an absolute joke. We pay our taxes and people just keep deciding to dump rubbish, it’s wrong.

“We’ve been told the next time it happens, the council won’t do anything about it. They should install CCTV cameras to try and help stop it, because it can’t carry on like this.”

Clifton South’s Councillor Pat Ferguson said if businesses were agreeable, a meeting would be arranged with them and the town centre manager to find a way forward next week.

She added: “It’s been going on for so long, residents and those responsible businesses affected would be justified in giving up.”

A city council spokesman said Nottingham was the UK’s cleanest big city and takes incidents of fly-tipping very seriously.

He added: “We run one of the few free bulky waste collections in the country, meaning there’s no reason for residents to dump waste illegally.

“We would urge anyone who witnesses it to take details such as registration numbers and contact our anti-social behaviour helpline on (0115) 915 2020.