A leading Nottingham nutrition expert has called for a coffee chain to display the calorie content of its drinks more clearly.

Warmer weather means the high street is covered in advertisements for cold drinks – with Costa’s flavoured ‘coolers’ among the most common.

Some shops show how many calories are in each drink on in-store menu boards – but others including Costa do not.

And certain drinks such as the large Costa Toffee Creamy Cooler contain the same amount of sugar as 31 digestive biscuits.

They’ve now come in for criticism from Simon Langley-Evans, a professor of human nutrition at the University of Nottingham.

He said: “I think it’s really important that all outlets should give out information about their contents and products.

“People don’t buy products thinking they are good but I don’t think they realise how bad they actually are.”

In November several coffee chains including Costa and Starbucks came under fire for the high calorie content of specialist festive drinks, with some containing 600 calories.

And a breakdown of Costa’s summer cooler drinks shows they could prove heavy on the waistline.

Costa have nutritional information available on their website which can be downloaded, while other chains such as Starbucks state calories next to drinks on their menu.

Professor Langley-Evans, added: “Nobody who has visited the shop will then go onto the website to check calories, it should be displayed clearly when purchasing the product.

“Other healthier suggestions instead of these drinks would be water or fruit juice, also portion sizes should be smaller.”

A handful of city coffee drinkers Notts TV News spoke to on Thursday said they were surprised by the content of some drinks.

Alex Holt, 25, a student nurse from Lenton, said:”I can’t believe how much sugar and calories there are in one drink.

“I regularly get one a week but I will have to find something else now.”

Not everyone likes to buy the fruity cold refreshments, instead just settling for a standard coffee.

Steven Bennett, 36, an IT Specialist from Basford, said: ”I only ever buy coffee because I think the smoothies are a waste of money any way.”

Costa did not respond to a request for comment.