Concerned residents are fighting against the development of apartments and a carpark amid fears over garden grabbing and safety.

Fourteen new apartments have been approved by Gedling Borough Council for development on the site of the old care home on Waverley Avenue.

Gedling Village Preservation Society secretary Francis Rodrigues has doubts.

The 66-year-old retired HMRC worker, of Waverley Avenue, said: “The council thinks this is affordable housing, but the starting price is £140,000, which is far too much considering the size of them. This is garden-grabbing.

“We are not NIMBYs, we want the site developed, but on a less-is-more basis. 8-10 apartments would be more than enough.”

Mr Rodrigues and other residents are not happy about the size of the apartments, because they do not fit national technical housing guidance for size.

Gedling Borough Council pointed out that these are merely guidelines and said in the report to the planning committee that the site would accommodate 14 apartments.

The area regularly suffers up to two or three feet of flooding, which residents say will exceed the height of the ground floor of the proposed apartments.

The residents also say the increase in traffic will be a danger to the school children who walk through the area.

The Gedling Village Preservation Society offered to meet with all 21 members of the Planning Committee to show them the site for themselves before they made a decision, but only one of them turned up.

Mr Rodrigues said: “The next step for the Gedling Village Preservation Society is to send a formal complaint to the council. If that is approved then we have the possibility of getting it a judicial review, where the Secretary of State looks into it.”

Gedling Borough Council declined to comment on the issue.