How well done do you like your toast?
How well done do you like your toast?

Another day and another national holiday to celebrate, National Toast Day takes Nottingham by storm.

Despite being an everyday breakfast item, toast is taking over social media and is trending throughout the UK.

Nottingham’s breakfast lovers were not shy of getting involved as they have been sharing snaps of their tasty toast.

We asked our Twitter followers what their favourite topping was on toast, and the clear winner was butter.

But we want to know what you think, vote in our poll on what is your favourite topping on toast.

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How did this come about?

The first National Toast Day was celebrated back in 2014 and was organised by the Tiptoe World Bread Awards.

Why do we celebrate it?

The Tiptoe World Bread Awards said they decided to launch this to make people happy during the otherwise dull month of February.

Especially during a time where news seems to be depressing and full of conflict, what better way to bring British people together other than a staple food in most diets, bread.

How do I get involved?

Get involved on Twitter by tweeting your favourite toast topping, with a photo, using the #NationalToastDay hashtag.