Brexit has once again hit the headlines this week, with Prime Minister Theresa May calling for a snap election to strengthen her hand in negotiations with the European Union.

Taking place on 8th June, the general election will be held almost a year after the UK voted leave.

Despite nine months having already passed, the actual process of leaving the EU only started last month with the triggering of Article 50.

We went out into Nottingham city centre to find out whether the public felt the process had taken too long to get started.

Michael Gruet, 22, a student who lives in Hyson Green, said: “I don’t think it has taken too long at all.

“There was always going to be a lot to sort out before we could start the process of leaving.

“We only get to leave the EU once, so it has to be done right.”


However, not all people were as understanding of the length of time it has taken.

Mike Goodchild, 55, an NHS worker of Sheffield, said “You would think all of the Brexiteers would have had a plan to get us out of the EU as soon as possible.

“It seems like the government didn’t think the public would actually vote to leave, so they were a bit surprised.

“It just seems like there wasn’t much of a plan.”

In June, the city of Nottingham voted leave by a tight margin, with 50.8% of those who went to the polling stations preferring to exit the EU.

Overall, the UK voted 51.9% in favour of Leave, with 30 million people making their voices heard.

Now that Article 50 has been triggered, the process of sorting out the UK’s exit from the European Union can begin.

All of the EU agreements, including trade arrangements, will have to be unpicked, with the process expected to take two years.