Work commenced this week to renovate Clifton “Flower” park, as it is known locally for its flower beds and wooded areas.

Fifty thousand pounds from the Waste Recycling Environmental Network (WREN) and thirty-five thousand pounds from Nottingham Express Transit (NET) were put together to build a new play area for children from toddlers up to children age 12.

The park is set to include monkey bars, swings, a wheel chair accessible round about and to reflect the name of the park a pair of large talking sunflower phones will also be built.

The response from the public is one of major positivity.

Gordon Pridmore, a retired local of fifty years said : “I often take my dog up there and use the outside gym part.

“It will definitely help the community, because there’s nothing really here.

“parents are always complaining that there are no activities for their children to do in the area.”

The play area is to be built next to the already existing fitness area with the plan to provide exercise for young people of all ages.

The eighty-five-thousand-pound total will be used not only to make a children’s play area but it will also be used to maintain the park for years to come with money to paint the railings and to build a new placard at the park’s entrance.

Councillor Dave Trimble, the portfolio holder for Leisure and Culture in Nottingham City Council said : “A play area was one of the main improvements local people wanted on Flower Park.

“Its attracted a lot of interest, with 471 people commenting on the two shortlisted play area designs.

“I hope the safe, attractive and accessible new play area will bring lots of fun and excitement to children visiting the park.”