Nottingham’s well known celebrities and notables have shed some light on their resolutions and hopes going into 2017.

Fireworks at Nottingham’s Lakeside.

Another year has gone and now it is time to make another resolution in the hope of sticking to it. We spoke to a few of Nottingham’s big names to see what their aims and aspirations are for the coming year.

From a BAFTA-winning actress keeping fit to a Michelin-starred chef pushing the boundaries even further – some of Nottingham’s biggest personalities are hoping to make 2017 the best year yet.

Benidorm actress Sherrie Hewson, born in Nottingham and known for her roles on the ITV soap operas Coronation Street, Crossroads, and Emmerdale, wants to use the next 12 months to live for the moment – with the help of a boyband.

She said: “In the advent of this terrible year I would say, in the words of Take That, ‘Look back but don’t stare’. Now is what matters!”

BAFTA-winning actress and Line of Duty star Vicky McClure offered a challenge to any personal trainers in the area – keep her fit.

She said: “My New Year’s Resolution is the same as it’s been for the past five years – to exercise. Maybe this year I’ll actually stick to it! Any personal trainers out there want a challenge…?”

Jon Collins, leader of Nottingham City Council, has set his sights on pounding the streets of the city in the Ikano Bank Robin Hood half marathon.

He said: “I would like to try harder to run more; I have had years’ worth of injuries but remain the eternal optimist. I hope to get good enough to run the half marathon. I have done two or three times but I’m sticking to the odd park run at the moment.

Speaking of his hopes for the city in 2017, he added: “We have a number of developments that are on the cusp of happening. My hope is that we are able to see progress on those, and that we are able to do it against the backdrop of a growing and stable economy.”

After coming third in this year’s Apprentice, Nottinghamshire business owner Frances Bishop, who is originally from Keyworth, has kept her resolution short but sweet. “I plan to be more organised,” she said.

Sat Bains, owner of the two Michelin-starred Restaurant Sat Bains, in Lenton Lane, said he hopes to take even bigger risks next year.

He said: “We have had a massive makeover for the restaurant in 2017 with new tables made from deer hide in honour of Wollaton Park and native reclaimed wood for our new table arrangements.

“The gardens are 90 per cent finished, supplying us with 130ft of growing space. So I’d say pushing the restaurant, team and business forward to enable us to work and serve our guests at a world-class level.

“Working a four-day week has paid dividends for the team. Seeing them grow has made me and Amanda very proud.”

Dr Ifran Malik, a full time GP of Carlton, spoke of his more global resolution for 2017.

The member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Committee said: “I hope and pray for peace in the world. Looking ahead that is what I would pray for in my resolution.

“I hope we can all live in peace in our community, to co-exist peacefully and to carry on doing all our good charity work from an interfaith point of view.”


Nottinghamshire’s Police Commissioner Paddy Tipping revealed he will be taking in more of the great outdoors next year.

He said: “I hope to do more exercise in the Peak District, I am a great lover of the countryside, and have walked since I was a young man.

“I am determined to see more, the only walking I am doing at the moment is on the street with the police.

“My hopes for this year? Nottingham is a good place to live, this year has been an uncertain one with unexpected events. Yet despite all our differences I hope we respect and value each other despite our different backgrounds.”

MP for Nottingham East, Chris Leslie said he is taking his health more seriously after hitting his mid-40s.

He said: “Personally, my resolution is to eat slightly less and exercise more. When you hit your mid-40’s you plan on moving around more and taking in fewer calories.

“Previously I gave up chocolate for the whole year and managed to stick to it, however now I am having to find one that is vaguely achievable.

“I have three hopes, that our Emergency Department pressures will be resolved, and the staff will be protected if the economy slips back.

“Another hope and the main area of my focus will be to improve our secondary school standards, to focus on new ways of improving teaching quality and the school system around the city.

“Finally Post-Brexit, we have had a year filled with uncertainty that will affect Nottingham. I want to focus on keeping up exports and to continue building opportunities. I hope we won’t be treading water and will continue to seek new opportunities.”