20mph speed zone in West Bridgford – Photo credit Hannah Mitchell

Residents in West Bridgford have raised concerns about speeding traffic on residential roads.

The concerns have been raised after Nottinghamshire County Council put forward plans to introduce a 20mph speed limit on a number of West Bridgford roads.

The roads, which include Musters Road and Melton Road, are having the new speed limit proposed to improve cyclist and pedestrian safety.

However, resident don’t believe this is enough to stop dangerous drivers.

Kate Hicks, 41, of Musters Road said: “They introduce small stretches at 20mph but I wish they would stop people driving at 60mph outside my house.”

Other roads in West Bridgford, such as Devonshire Road, Manvers Road, Exchange Road, Ethel Road and Gordon Road are also in the consultation stage of the plans.

The reduced speed is to encourage people to use the designated cycle routes as well as improving public safety.

Cycle paths are being put in place throughout West Bridgford – Photo credit Hannah Mitchell

However a local resident who did not wish to be named said: “I wish the speed limit was going further up Melton Road, we could do with it all the way along.

“My husband and myself have dreadful trouble crossing the road, the cars go too fast and no one enforces the rules.”

Local councillor, Karrar Khan, said: “It is something we have supported for a long time, the issue was if it could be legally enforced.

“There has always been a problem with regards to speeding cars in West Bridgford.

“We have got a problem on most roads but particularly Boundary Road, Musters Road and Melton Road.

“I don’t think there is a solution to speeding cars.

“The police have other priorities and it happens so infrequently that when they police the roads no one gets caught.”

He added: “On Musters Road it is a big issue because there is a school there.”

Jacob Piechota, 29, from Gamston said: “It is a good idea especially with the amount of schools.

“If it stops a child getting hit that is a good thing.”