Fox Road, West Bridgford
Fox Road, West Bridgford

A spate of burglaries in the Rushcliffe area has left resident worried about the safety of their homes as Christmas approaches.

Over the past few weeks West Bridgford and the surrounding area has seen a number of burglaries in West Bridgford.

There were burglaries on Trevor Road, Dovedale Road, Regents Park Close, Compton Acres as well as in Ruddington.

There was an untidy search carried out at each incident with items being taken.

These recent burglaries have come at the same time as a number of attempted burglaries throughout the area, which has concerned residents in the build up to Christmas.

Inspector Craig Berry of Nottinghamshire police said: “There has been a slight increase in burglaries in West Bridgford which follows a national trend this time of year.

“Homes can be more vulnerable during the winter period due to the night’s drawing in and these incidents typically occur during the day when homes are empty.”

He added: “We thoroughly investigate all reports and our local safer neighbourhood teams are on hand to offer advice such as leaving lights on where necessary.”

Between October 2015 and September 2016 there were a total of 476 burglaries according to the UK crime statistics website.

The most recent figure show that in September 2015 there were 33 burglaries whereas September 2016 saw an increase to 42 burglaries.

Some streets appear to be targeted more than others, Stanhome Drive in West Bridgford experienced a number of attempted break-ins in just one night in November.

Abbie Crawford of Stanhome Drive, West Bridgford said: “Our neighbour came to speak with us in the morning, and told us he thought someone tried to break into his house the night before because he saw foot prints on his grass.

“We checked our doors and found ours had tried to be jarred open with a flat-head screwdriver.”

Speaking of how the incident made her feel, she added: “My other half is an ex-marine, but he wasn’t in that night as he was working.

“I was asleep and I woke up for some reason, but wasn’t sure why but now I know it’s because the door was trying to be prised open.

“I slept the next night with all the lights on in the house because I thought they would come back.

“I feel safe in West Bridgford generally but our friends who live a few houses down got burgled three years ago so you can never be too sure.”

Rushcliffe police have been sharing advice on twitter and on their website to help keep people aware of recent crime.

The Nottingham Police website advises on how to protect your home: “Look at your home through the eyes of a burglar. Are there places where a burglar could break into your home without being seen? How would you get in if you had forgotten your keys? If you could get inside, so could a burglar.”

If you have any concerns or see anything suspicious, please report it to 101.