Outside the Sumac Centre. Photo by Kyle Hearse
Outside the Sumac Centre. Photo by Kyle Hearse

People from the Nottingham Animal Rights group, at the Forest Fields Sumac Centre, talk about Veganuary and how you can get involved with the charity.

Veganuary is a global charity that encourages people to try the vegan lifestyle for January and to make the transition as easy as possible; the website offers a starter kit with guides, meal plans and advice on offer.

This year, a record 50,000 people have signed up and are taking on the task of going vegan for a month.

Veganuary Tweet

David Wilson, 39, a software Engineer from Long Eaton said ‘There’s never been a better time to be a vegan. Companies and restaurants are really starting to open their eyes to the lifestyle.’

He added that Nottingham itself is great for the vegan lifestyle with many independent stores, restaurants and bars, such as Alley Café, giving vegans plenty of choice when it comes to eating.

Mr Wilson said, ‘There’s a rather extreme stigma attached to us, but we’re not causing problems, we just believe that it’s about educating people and Veganuary is a great introduction to animal rights.’

Laura Clary, 23, owner of Burrowed Herts animal rescue, from Chilwell, said ‘Again, it’s about helping people make that change and making that change easy on them,’

‘The only reason people don’t see cows and pigs in the same light as cats and dogs, is the way we’re brought up. We’re raised with dogs and cats in the house, I’m sure if we let the pigs and cows in, we’d think differently.’

To get involved with Veganuary, click here.