People still feel safe on the streets of Nottingham despite the Westminster attacks on March 22 in which five people died.

The overall opinion following the attack was that Nottingham is a very safe place but a terrorist attack could happen anywhere.

Paul Johnson, a technical manager, of Sherwood said: “At the moment I would say attacks in places like Nottingham are not likely.

“These are isolated incidents and I think the security services are on top of the main people involved.

“This incident will not stop us and we will carry on with our lives.”

The attacks are similar to those of the French resort of Niece last year.

Islamic State (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the attack. However, according to the Met there are no links.

Carrol Talby, 64, said: “It could have happened in any city, they are just out to get us.

When asked if she felt safe in Nottingham, the retired resident of Gotham said: “Nottingham is a very safe place but it depends what time you go out; everyone should be very careful.

“The police do all they can do but they have cut all their numbers and money so they are quite hard up.”

MP for Sherwood Mark Spencer said: “It was a case of letting the police deal with it as professionally as they did. You have to say what a fantastic job they have done.

“My thoughts are with the professionalism of the police and security forces but also my condolences to the families of those that have lost a life. This is life-changing stuff for some people.”