A Nottingham beggar has received a three year ban following complaints about his abusive and threatening behaviour.

Nathan Jackson, of no fixed address, appeared at Nottingham Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to a string of offences on April, 26.

The 27-year-old pled guilty to a public order offence, a separate racially aggravated public order offence and four charges of begging in a public place.

A number of complaints were received from the public to remove the persistent beggar, who slept in doorways of businesses after making himself homeless and would refuse to move when staff or customers needed to pass by.

Incidents of his begging in the city centre and on trams led to his arrest and appearance in court for numerous begging and public order offences.

Jackson served a one day court detention overnight as he had failed to attend court as directed to do so on the previous two days.

He spent a night in the cells before appearing in court for sentencing on April 26.

He received a 12 month community order, with a 12 month drug rehabilitation requirement and a 10-day rehabilitation activity requirement to address his substance misuse and homeless lifestyle.

Also the 27-year-old received a three-year criminal behaviour order (CBO) prohibiting his begging anywhere in Nottingham, entry into the Castle Marina Retail Park and Nottingham Station and blocking access to any business, property or pavement requiring access in the city.

Officers from Nottinghamshire Police and the city council were verbally abused and threatened by him on a number of occasions in the past when they were called to move the beggar on.

Community Protection obtained an emergency Civil Injunction in April of this year to protect staff from his threatening and abusive behaviour.

Portfolio Holder for community services, councillor Nicola Heaton, said: “Jackson has refused all offers of help to address his offending, drug use and homelessness and in the meantime has continued to behave unacceptably towards the public, train and tram staff and enforcement officers.

“This order banning him from begging in Nottingham offers protection to the public from his persistent offences and abusive and threatening behaviour.

“We expect him to comply with the Order and hope he will seek to address his offending behaviour by addressing its root causes through engagement with the rehabilitation activity handed down by the court.”