With the latest craze of the JoJo Bows taking Nottinghamshire by storm, we take a trip down memory lane to see what kids wore in their hair back in the 80s.

Trends come and go but the latest one is JoJo Bows, they are huge brightly-coloured bows that have become the must-have hair accessory thanks to JoJo Siwa, a 13-year-old YouTube star and dancer in the US reality show Dance Moms.

‘Little Pretties by Emma’ is a handmade bow-making online company based in Nottingham, and the mum-of-two running the business has noticed a rise in the latest trend.

Emma Armstrong, of Cotgrave, said: “I’ve been asked quite a lot to make these JoJo Bows. I have a six-year-old daughter who attends junior school and I would say judging by her friends that wear them, they are still quite popular.

“I sell mine at around £1.50-£2 per bow. I wouldn’t say they are as popular here as the are in America. I’ve been making them for about two years now. I have always been quite crafty, but definitely having a daughter helps with making them as she tells me what she likes and we sometimes make them together.

“It only takes a few minutes per bow to make each one, as I use a hot glue gun the glue dries quickly and that’s it they’re done.

The bows are usually worn to decorate a high ponytail or bun and are available in a range of colours, typically costing between £8 and £10 at retailers.

The 28-year-old added: “Business for me varies depending on what time of year it is, my busiest time is Christmas, so I’m pretty quiet at the moment.

“I probably made around £300 in December last year alone. At my busiest times it was definitely a full time job, I was up all hours making bows and packing them to be posted.”

We look back at what kids in the 80s wore to lighten up their hair, some have been and gone but some may still seem familiar to you, especially if you were a regular shopper in Claire’s with your pocket money every weekend…

  1. Scrunchies

Found to be holding that pony tail or bun on the top of your head these velvet items certainly added another eye raising element to your hair. Most commonly they were usually the colour of your school so you matched from head to toe.

A velvet scrunchie
  1. Glitter clips

Either catching your hair when putting them in or out, or peeling the glitter off, these clips helped tidy away those lose bits of baby hairs. Either glitter covered, featuring butterflies and flowers, they were a necessary item for every hairstyle.

Those ‘itchy’ glitter clips
  1. Wavy headbands

Usually used to scrap every last hair off your face, these were a key accessory in everyone’s hair basket. Either a horse shoe shape or if you were a bit more tasteful an Alice shaped band with your name etched on in glitter, they were definitely a key look in the 80’s.

Wavy headbands in a variety of colours
  1. Faux coloured plaits

What may be a regret for some, these plaits usually on a bobble added an element of colour and sass to your hair. Usually the polar opposite colour to your hair, they were certainly a more daring hair accessory to wear for school, like these pictured below from Claire’s.

Faux coloured plaits, still on sale today at Claire’s
  1. Coloured bobbles

If you wanted to add a bit of height and colour to your hair, these were the bobbles for you. Usually wrapped round once to hold your ponytail in place, if you were lucky.

Multi-coloured bobbles, also still on sale today at Claire’s
  1. Bandanna

A trend that is now seen more on dogs and babies than school kids, bandannas were hugely popular as they could be worn in more ways than one. Whether that was getting a plain one off your local market, or when you went abroad getting a more colourful and sparkly one, they were a definite staple hair accessory.

A red encrusted bandana from Claire’s
  1. Butterfly clips

Oldies but goldies, these clips added a flutter and colour to your baby hairs. Whether you added a few for decorative purposes or you had a whole nest on your head, they are a trend that was seen on celebrities until the 00’s but is, thankfully, not around anymore.

The go-to butterfly clips
  1. Rainbow bobbles

These marble-like bobbles were usually found at the bottom of plaits or on the top of your head in pigtails. Although we all knew once they were in there was a slim chance of having them out without losing a chunk of hair along the way.

The hair grabbing bobbles
  1. Glitter spray

This trend is slowly making a comeback during the summer time in festivals but this trend was rife in the 80’s, especially at your school disco. You would put so much on your hair until it was obvious that when you arrived you would be the disco ball that evening.

Sparkles for days with the glitter spray