Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take control of your dreams?

Then you will be interested to know what you need to do to unlock the powerful state of lucid dreaming.

So, what is lucid dreaming anyway? It is the technique of gaining consciousness within your dreams and being able to control the dream environment and what happens within it.

A survey conducted in 1988 by Snyder & Gackenback found that 20% of people claimed to lucid dream frequently (every month) while 50% of people had done it at least once in their lives however, the path to becoming conscious within your dreams is not as hard as it may first seem.

Luigi Sciambarella, lucid dream programme leader at the Monroe Institute, London, says that the key to success begins with memory and repetition.

He says: “Keep a dream journal or some sort of night book. When you wake up you should roll back over to your start position and you are more likely to remember what you were dreaming about.

“The more you remember, the better you will become at remembering the dreams you have.”

Luigi explains that the second step involves being able to realise what happens when you are about to enter the stage where you are most prone to becoming lucid.

He adds: “Each night when we go to sleep we go through stages which are the pre-cursers to sleep.

“These stages contain sights and sounds which will develop and you can watch them as they get larger in length and duration.

“These images and sights will eventually develop so much that you are fully conscious, awake and dreaming.”

The sights and sounds Luigi is referring to happen when people close their eyes to go to sleep. They start off as bland colours which begin to change shape if you wait long enough.

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Next, he says that you must stay completely still when you go to sleep – no matter how much you want to move. This is to ensure that your body goes to sleep but your mind stays conscious.

Finally, he adds: “Once you are fully in the dream you can do reality checks so that you become fully aware that you are in the dream. These reality checks are things that we can’t do in our reality but can easily do in a dream.

“For example, you could pinch your nose and try to breath and if you can still breath then you are definitely dreaming.”