The company behind Walls and Pork Farms has announced a rise in both its turnover and pre-tax profits.

In the year to March 25, 2017, Addo Food Group announced its pre-tax profits, the profits the company made in the period before tax is taken into account, had risen from £233,000 in 2016 to £786,000.

The companies turnover figure, the amount of money the company took in the year, was also up by £34.5 million, up to £270.9 million compared to £236.4 million in the same period the previous year.

Tottle Bakery, one of two Addo group sites in Nottingham

“The Business is well know for being an innovative supplier to the market and has introduced several new products each year” a statement from the companies board said.

Nottingham’s Riverside Bakery

The company also highlighted what it saw as its main customers, describing them as being “the UK’s leading supermarkets and food retailers.”

The company has two sites in Nottingham, Tottle and Riverside bakery, just off Queens Drive near the River Trent, as well as several other sites across the country.