Closed for business

Hopes for a revival of popular city centre venue Spanky Van Dykes have been dashed after a spokesperson confirmed the bar would be closing for good this weekend.

Originally, the pub on Goldsmith street advertised that it would be closing after New Year’s eve, which it announced as being “the last ever night of Spanky Van Dykes”.

However, the bar was then open for business again just a few days later, which stoked hopes that the establishment might have been saved, but now it seems that Spanky’s will finally be closing its doors for the final time, leaving many disappointed.

Student Justin Gaunt, 25, from Nottingham Trent University, said the closure was a shame despite when asking it being the “first and only time” he’d been in the pub.

“The only reason I’ve not been in before is because it looks like a very alternative kind or bar, but its actually quite a nice space.”

Another student, Inna Marx, told us that a lot of people she knew who had been to were “quite sad about it.”

She also described how they all remembered the pub for its Thursday night atmosphere, as student night always seemed to make it busy.

Student Rebecca Tharou, 19, said: “It was a good place for student life, I’m shocked that it’s closing again.”

As well as being a bar, Spanky Van Dykes also serves food as well as hosts live music.

However, the bars website now has no listings for upcoming events as its closure looms.

It has now being confirmed by a spokesperson that Spanky’s would be “shutting Saturday or Sunday” but added that there was still uncertainty as to exactly when.

The delay in the bars closure was said to be due to the fact that the bars upper management “didn’t know what to do with the staff” – an employee claimed.

When asked about the confusion over the pubs fate after its last ever New Year party, it was explained that “it shut for a little bit and the reopened again” but that it would soon be shut again.

“Two days left and then it’s forever gone”.