Winds of up to 57 miles per hour have swept across Nottingham, felling trees and causing travel disruption across the city as the road and tram networks became blocked by debris.

One of the large trees that lines the Victoria Embankment was one of many brought down by the Storm Fionn in the early hours of this morning (January 18).

Fallen trees were reported in Netherfield, Arnold and West Bridgford, causing traffic delays across Nottingham during this morning’s rush hour.

Meadows resident Barry Hayes, 75, said “It surprised me that it brought a big tree like that down.

“They [the trees] are older than me, you get so used to seeing them you don’t expect to see them go.”

The tree fell over the Embankment footpath, luckily falling away from the road that runs parallel to the walkway.

Council subcontractors working to remove the fallen tree

Nottingham City Council were quick to begin the clear up of the debris caused by the storm’s high winds.

Subcontractor Acer trees were dispatched to clear the tree earlier this morning.

Mick Sharpe, 42, was part of the team sent to deal with the debris.

He said: “We started about tennish by the time we got everything in place.”

He went on to say that the tree would be “hopefully clear in the next couple of hours.”

Storm Fionn has not just had an effect on trees, with a number of trampolines springing up in neighbouring gardens after last night’s ferocious winds.

The Met Office have reported that as the winds begin to ease, the temperature will get colder with ice patches expected.

The fastest recorded wind speed produced by Storm Fionn was in Tibenham, Norfolk, which came in at 73 miles per hour.