Nottinghamshire County Council leader councillor Kay Cutts has issued an apology on behalf of the council to victims and survivors of historical child sex abuse.

The statement addressed “horrible and heinous abuse” suffered “at the hands of devious people who had malice in mind” while children were in the council’s care.

An Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has been ordered for October 2018, where evidence will be heard in greater detail.

Cllr Cutts said: “While these words today will not change the past, I hope that they will bring some small comfort to those who continue to endure pain as a result.

“I hope that survivors of any abuse will listen to these words and feel that they have been heard and, importantly, believed.”

She pledged that survivors would have a voice and be heard in the proceedings and that the council would do everything in their power to make sure that truth and justice would be delivered.