The Robin Hood statute is the venue for the Light Night silent disco.

Nottingham will host its annual Light Night tomorrow evening (Friday February 23) where there will be over 80 events at a variety of venues throughout the city.

The event has taken place annually since 2008, taking inspiration from similar events in other countries.

Nottingham City Council assistant arts officer, Hannah Spoddart said: “The idea for the event all stemmed from a European model of a night of culture, which a colleague of mine brought to Nottingham eleven years ago.”

There are five areas of Nottingham which are taking part in the event, which are the Castle Quarter, the City Centre, Lace Market and Hockley, Sneinton and out of town areas.

The entertainment line-up for the after-dark event includes a Star Wars themed lightsaber fight, an outdoor spin class, a poetry lounge and more, to get the whole family involved.

“The selling point for the event is doing something different on a Friday night and exploring the city through arts and culture,” Hannah added.

An interactive map has been created for the event to show where all the activities are taking place, a bit about each event and directions to the venues, which can be accessed via Google Maps.

Matt Clarke who is the digital communication and marketing lead for Nottingham City Council said: “We have already had 27,000 views on the map and that will only increase on the day.

“We decided to make the interactive map this year rather than a printed map to hopefully encourage more people to get involved in the events,” adds Matt.

A snapshot of the interactive map which can be used to find events on Light Night.

The event falls at the end of the school’s half term and includes a lot of events to entertain children on the last day of their week off, including the disco family smash-up at Nottingham tennis centre.

Organiser of the tennis event, Dave Everington, said: “The aim of the activity is to get kids playing tennis and table tennis and being active but with their parents playing too, which is a regular activity here.

“We have added a disco theme and made it free to all to match up with Light Night.”

To find a schedule of the events and link to the interactive map, visit: