World Book Day is next Thursday.

World Book day is just around the corner, a week today to be specific, (March, 1) and finding a costume is the pressing issue for parents across the country.

It is great that the day is celebrated and children are being encouraged to read books and no doubt schools will be celebrating in a variety of exciting ways. However, the letter in the book bag asking for parents to send their child to school dressed as their favourite character, slightly dampens the excitement, for parents at least. It can be stressful and expensive to turn your child into their favourite character, with expensive costume sets. But there are a lot of lovable characters which can be easily and cheaply replicated, either by reusing household items, popping down to your local supermarket or cheap shop or scrolling through online shops, to avoid having to buy the whole outfit as a set. Here are some easily accessible ideas:

  1. Where’s Wally

Simple, cheap and easy. Buy a red and white stripy top and team with some glasses, a woolly hat and some baggy blue trousers.

  1. Harry Potter

A classic but one that will be sure to please your little one. Harry Potter set costumes can be bought cheaply online or Primark has an extensive Harry Potter range.

  1. Horrid Henry

If you have a little terror at home, they will already have the personality to go with the costume. All you need to do is get an old pair jeans, a cheap yellow and blue top and mess your little terror’s hair up.

  1. Paddington Bear

Pack your kid off to school with a marmalade sandwich in a briefcase and pop a tag on their coat saying ‘if found return to Peru’. A floppy red hat and a blue anorak would complete the look and can be picked up cheaply and with minimal effort.

  1. Gangsta Granny

Raid Nanny’s wardrobe (or curtains) for a flowery top, find a blindfold and grey wig and your child will be the coolest granny in town.

  1. Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

If your little girl has a blue dress this one will be easy. Make a white apron from a bed sheet, pop a cute bow on her head and pack her off with a biscuit in hand. Simple.

  1. Tin Tin

Send your adventurous little man off to school in a blue jumper, brown shorts or trousers, with spiky hair and a cuddly white dog and everyone is sure to know he is the lovable character.

  1. Jolly Postman

Borrow dad’s tie, pop on some jeans and stuff a book bag with loads of letters. As a fun creative activity these letters can be drawings or paintings made by your child and their friends.

  1. Room on the Broom Witch

If there’s a spare witch’s hat lying around from Halloween this would be perfect. Team it with a black cape or a bin bag and a homemade wand.