'Dangerous' parking in West Bridgford has caused complaints from residents and disrupted buses.

A council consultation on whether to introduce double yellow lines to problem parking areas in West Bridgford has been met with mixed reactions.

Many people use the roads for parking as there are currently no restrictions in place, causing problems for pedestrians and buses.

Residents have called the current situation “dangerous,” and welcomed the proposals.

However, those who park in the area have opposed the plans, saying that there is “nowhere else” to park.

Susan Clark, 54, a teacher who lives on Blake Road, said: “If someone is parked on Abbey Road it can stop you turning out from our street.

“People can also sometimes block your drive.”

Ciaran O’Reilly, 34, a drug discovery scientist who lives on Priory Road, said: “I don’t drive, but it’s basically blind when you’re crossing near the crossroads on Abbey Road and Priory Road.

“It seems like a good idea to sort that out.”

However, people who park in the area have said that they have no choice but to do so.

Beatrice Jones, 51, works at a bank in West Bridgford. She said: “I’ve worked here for years and there’s never been anywhere to park.”

The people parking often work in West Bridgford, but say they have ‘nowhere else to park.’

Beatrice, who commutes from Radcliffe-on-Trent, added that it is not just the people who work in West Bridgford that are to blame.

She said: “At the minute a lot of people are having their houses done up, so the workmen’s vans are causing more problems.”

Melba Greenwood, 44, also works at a West Bridgford bank and commutes from Keyworth. She said: “If you’ve bought a house on a main road you should expect it a little bit.

“The car parks are too expensive, and to get the bus would be too expensive as well.”

Heather, 23, works at one of the shops on Central Avenue and commutes from Loughborough.

She said: “I’ve seen people that live here putting cones out to stop people parking near their houses. But there is nowhere else.

“If you’re getting paid hourly, you don’t want an hour or more of your pay to go on parking.”

Residents on Priory Road have taken to using traffic cones to stop obstructive parking.

The consultation plans to combat obstructive parking on 11 streets in West Bridgford, particularly in the area around Abbey Road, near Central Avenue.

It was launched by Via East Midlands, a joint venture between Nottinghamshire County Council and the Corserv civil engineering group.

A spokesperson for Via East Midlands said: “The consultation was set up after the council received complaints from members of the public.

“So far we have had a mixed response, and we will take it all into account. We are trying to decide the best approach that suits everybody.”

The spokesperson said that other suggestions had been made, such as extending the parking permit schemes in use on some streets in the area.

They said: “A residents’ parking scheme has to meet certain criteria, such as that the majority of houses must not have their own off-street parking.

“This is not the case in this area, where most people do.”

Details on the consultation, which closes on March 5, can be found here.