The popular dog breed, Pugs, will be in Nottingham on Sunday.

Café Sobar on Friar Lane, Nottingham City Centre, will host a pug café this Sunday (February 25).

Pug lovers and their canine friends will be able to take part in a day of pug-themed activities.

The Pug Café, has previously held events in other cities such as London, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Jason Loftus, Sobar manager, said: “The event is sold out and there is a huge waiting list. People love the pugs.”

The event is also open to the general public who do not own a pug but want to meet other people’s pets.

On the day there is a whole menu for the dogs including pupcakes, gingerpug cookies and puguccinos, bones and ice cream cookies supplied by Rudi’s The Doggy Bakery.

Owner of The Doggy Bakery, Abbie North said: “All the products are made from basic ingredients of human quality.

“Everything I make is beneficial to the dogs, such as using wholemeal flour as white flour is not good for dogs, as well as 100% dog-safe chocolate and beetroot powder as colouring,” Abbie adds.

For the humans, Sobar will be offering a range of coffee, cakes, smoothies and hot refreshments.

Cafe Sobar are to host the Pug Cafe event this Sunday.

“Our main tasks in preparation for the event is to make sure that there is a safe, sound, happy environment for the dogs,” adds Jason.

Some of the proceeds from the ticket costs will be donated to a charity chosen by the organisers, Pug Café.

Sobar are looking to make this event a regular for their calendar, by bringing other small dog breeds to the café.

“If this event works well we are hoping to contact rescue centres to set up more events with the hope to pair abandoned dogs up with potential owners,” says Jason.