Schools in Nottingham face a £10million cut in funding by 2020, according to city councillor Sam Webster.

Cllr Webster warned that latest proposals from the Government “would have a detrimental impact on our children’s education”.

The proposals would see 82 out of 84 schools in Nottingham face further cuts, with the city as a whole facing a £10million cut in school funding by 2020.

These new proposals come after a number of campaigns from the city council and schools, the Government paused the proposed National Funding Formula which would have results in cuts of £22million, or £578 per pupil.

Cllr Webster has said that the council now resolves to:

  • Welcome the work of parents and governors involved in the Save Our Schools East Midlands campaign.
  • Submit evidence to the The Education Committee’s inquiry on school funding highlighting our concerns with the current system.
  • Encourage representatives from all schools in Nottingham City to submit evidence to the Education Committee’s inquiry.
  • Continue to oppose any proposal that will damage the future of Nottingham’s young people by cutting funding for schools.

We approached the Department for Education but they declined to comment.