The team prepare for their Red Bull challenge around Europe.

Three students from Nottingham have travelled around Europe trading Red Bull for food, lodging and travel as part of the ‘Can you make it’ challenge.

Nottingham Trent University students William Wong and Luiza Bochniak, both 21, and 20-year-old University of Nottingham student Harry Lanuchbury made up the Notts Nomads team and visited four countries during the challenge.

Overall, the team came 121st out of 200 teams from 60 countries, as they travelled 2362km from Madrid to Amsterdam, trading 168 cans of the energy drink along the way.

Master’s student Will explained that the challenge was easier in some countries than others.

He said: “It took us six days to make it from Madrid to Amsterdam. It was so difficult in Spain as people weren’t helping us.

“We mainly travelled on busses and trains. Some people were happy to let us on for some Red Bull while others were so friendly and bought us tickets. The most we traded was 24 cans for a hotel room in Spain.”

He added: “We made some great friends and met some really friendly people on the journey and it was so rewarding to be able to complete the challenge.

“We mainly lived off snacks and didn’t have a hot meal for six days. One night we slept on the streets of Paris – my parents were really glad I actually managed to make it back in one piece.”

The team started off with 24 cans of Red Bull and had to visit checkpoints along the route to pick up more cans to trade.

Some of the trades the Nomads made included 37 cans for lodging, four cans for a hitchhike in a car and 23 cans to travel by train from Paris to Strasbourg.

Completing daily challenges like making a campfire and dancing in the rain helped the teams earn points to move up the leaderboard, with a one-in-a-lifetime experience from Destination Red Bull up for grabs for the winners.