A train ticket from Nottingham to Newcastle

Plans are in place for the biggest rail fare shake-up in the UK for more than 20 years.

British rail companies are to conduct a public consultation aimed at tackling what they say is an increasingly complex rail fare system.

The Rail Delivery Group (RDG) said that about 55 million different fares exist in the current system.

Train bosses admit it is cheaper to buy more than one ticket on “the majority of journeys”.

Additional “anomalies” in ticket prices include split fares between off-peak and peak trains costing the commuter more, and an inflexible season ticket system for part-time and infrequent commuters.

Reform would have an impact on many journeys from Nottingham Station which can currently be split into multiple fares.

Under the existing fare system a commute to London can be cheaper by splitting a direct ticket between separate tickets to Grantham and then to London King’s Cross.

A train journey from Nottingham to Newcastle Airport can be more than 50 percent cheaper if changing three times compared to a direct journey.

A journey from Nottingham to Preston is consistently cheaper if the most direct route is split between three tickets from Nottingham to Warrington Central, Warrington Central to Warrington Bank Quay, and finally on to Preston.

Sharon Wells, 48, of Breaston, Derbyshire is a civil servant and works in Nottingham four days a week.

She said: “I’d like something like the mango card on buses. I work four days a week and atm I have to buy a ticket every day.

“If I could swipe on and off it’d be ideal.

“Something tends to creep up like if a child is ill, and you can’t use that ticket then.”

Beth Brecknock, 22, of Mansfield said: “I usually just pick the cheapest. I have tried to get individual tickets but it is usually only a couple of quid difference.”

CBJ News asked East Midlands Trains (EMT), the major provider of services from Nottingham Station, to comment on the reforms.

A spokesperson for the Stage Coach Group, the umbrella company for EMT, said: “Individual train companies are not providing responses at the moment. You will need to contact RDG.”