Let the gin festivities begin!

Unicorn Tears liqueur and sweet flavoured gin will be among the unexpected concoctions at Beeston’s new gin bar.

GINious is the idea of Jennie Martyn Eden, owner of hair salon Bleu Hair on Chilwell Road where the bar is based.

There will be more than 60 types of gin available, including well known brands Gordon’s, Hendrick’s and Edinburgh Gin and different flavours such as orange, chocolate, marmalade and cherry almond. There will also be a range of gin-based cocktails.

Jennie, 41, said: “We want this to be a fun bar. The target market is women as they do tend to drink more gin then men do. We have decorated the bar and tailored it to suit more women, but that doesn’t mean men are not welcome!”

The décor includes plump cushions and velvet chairs around the bar, so it can accommodate large gatherings or just a quick drink with a friend.

The colour scheme ranges from pink to purple to silver and black, which gives it a bit of an edge.

Jennie added: “I love gin, so owning a gin bar is a dream come true. Gin is such a popular drink nowadays, with more and more becoming available.”

Sweet-based gins Purple Violet and pink Turkish Delight are likely to be popular, while the new Unicorn Tears glittery gin will surprise a few customers.

“It’s exciting to see something you have put blood, sweat and tears into be finished and exactly how you wanted it to be”, added Jennie.

GINious opens on Friday May 25 at 8pm.