Victoria Centre tower block, the largest of the Nottingham tower blocks to receive sprinkler systems.

Tower blocks in Nottingham are undergoing a radical safety overhaul after the Grenfell Tower fire last year.

Work began in March to install sprinkler systems in 13 high-rise tower blocks across the city, following fears that a blaze similar to the one in North Kensington last June could lead to deaths in Nottingham.

The work is being done by council-funded company Nottingham City Homes to reassure local tenants about their safety and is “progressing well” according to the Nottingham City Council.

Nottingham City Homes said the safety of residents was their overriding priority.

Chief executive Nick Murphy said: “Following the devastating Grenfell Tower tragedy, we believe the installation of sprinkler systems in all our high rise blocks is now necessary for tenants to feel as safe as they can be in their own homes.

“We will continue to work closely with our tenants and arrange further block meetings so people can find out more about how sprinklers operate while we install them.”

Nottingham Trent University has also removed the cladding on its Byron House student accommodation in Shakespeare Street over fire safety fears.

Fire safety checks found that the cladding used when the halls were built in 2013 would provide a hazard if there was a fire in the block, forcing the university to undertake a year-long process to replace it with a fire-proof alternative.

The work is nearly complete and the university expecting the student halls to reopen in time for the new academic year in September.

Sean O’Shea, CEO of University Partnership Programme (UPP), which provides the university’s accommodation, said: “The decision to remove and replace the cladding on these three blocks of accommodation was treated as a matter of urgency.

“The safety of staff and students at the university is of paramount importance to UPP.”

The active response from Nottingham’s authorities falls in line with the Grenfell Tower inquiry, which began earlier this week.

The inquiry is investigating the cause of the fire which killed more than 80 people and left hundreds homeless.

These are the 13 Nottingham tower blocks fitted new sprinkler systems:

  • Ash View, The Woodlands, Radford: 17 floors and 105 properties.
  • Elm View, The Woodlands, Radford: Seven floors and 16 properties.
  • Oak View, The Woodlands, Radford: 15 floors and 93 properties.
  • Pine View, The Woodlands, Radford: 20 floors and 129 properties.
  • Willow View, The Woodlands, Radford: Seven floors and 32 properties.
  • Bentinck Court, Sneinton: 14 floors and 90 properties.
  • Colwick Woods Court, Sneinton: 15 floors and 88 properties.
  • Kingston Court, Sneinton: 15 floors and 90 properties.
  • Manvers Court, Sneinton: 14 floors and 90 properties.
  • Southchurch Court, Clifton: 20 floors and 130 properties.
  • Victoria Centre, Nottingham: 26 floors and 464 properties.
  • Winchester Court, Sherwood: 15 floors and 90 properties.
  • Woodthorpe Court, Sherwood: 15 floors and 90 properties.