A moving exhibition in Nottingham explores the taboo of baby loss and how families cope with stillbirth and miscarriage.

The project had it’s opening night Friday evening at Nottingham’s Surface Gallery, Southwell Road, as tribute to Baby Loss Awareness Week.

It’s backed by Dr Elspeth Whitby, Consultant Radiologist and Dr Kate Reed, Reader in Medical Sociology at the University of Sheffield, who say the exhibition is fuelled by research with parents and professionals.

Dr Whitby expressed it’s about remembering babies no longer with us: “The UK has the highest stillbirth rate of any western countries. There’s a lot of people who feel that when they’ve lost a baby they’re isolated, they can’t talk about it and remember their baby.”

Memory box: a locket

Features include memory boxes, visual images, artwork and notes.

Medical Sociologist Dr Reed said the exhibition: “raises awareness and challenges taboos surrounding baby loss and people have responded really positively.”

The research is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council with focus on understanding experiences of baby loss.

‘Bean Matilda Beau’s Bear’

‘A locket with a lock of my daughter’s hair’

Carly Williams, 37, creator of Zephyr’s Centre – support for families experiencing loss at Nottingham City Hospital, said she and set up the centre following the death of her son, Zephyr.

Ms Williams stated: “Zephyr’s is a place of love and understanding for anybody who has experienced loss of a baby through pregnancy and after birth, in a place created by bereaved families – for bereaved families.

Memory box: Baby pictures

“To have this exhibition is a great thing because anyone can walk in and it puts taboos and silenced loss out in the world – which is where it should be.”

Having already visited London, Sheffield and Northumbria, the exhibition will be on display in Nottingham until the 20th October at The Surface Gallery, Southwell Road.

A tribute to baby ‘Ronnie’

If you have any queries regarding the ‘Remembering Baby’ exhibition, please visit: https://www.rememberingbaby.co.uk/exhibition/