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Nottingham Remainers will march on London this Saturday to demand a People’s Vote on Brexit.

The Nottingham People’s Vote group is sending two coaches to the capital and will join protesters from across the country at Park Lane at 12pm, before heading towards Parliament Square for speeches from politicians, organisers and celebrity campaigners.

Founder of the Nottingham group, Susan Martin, 59, sees the London march as a chance for the nation to show it has changed its mind on Brexit.

Susan, who is self-employed and lives in Rushcliffe, said that: “Brexit will make us poorer, less safe.

“We march and say you’re not doing it in my name.”

Saturday’s event has been dubbed a ‘March for the Future’ by its organisers and hopes to persuade MPs, faced with crucial Brexit decisions in the coming weeks, to give the British public a final say on the exit deal negotiated by Theresa May.

Susan Martin

Image: Nottingham People’s Vote in Arnold in October

Over 100,000 people joined a previous People’s Vote demo in June, but national organisers are expecting Saturday’s march to be ‘even bigger, even louder’, with up to 1 million people attending.

Susan was inspired to set up her People’s Vote group this August after attending the June march with her daughter, despite having previously ‘never started a campaign and never shouted out.’

Since then the group has grown from its initial 34 members to 100, holding Saturday street stalls with ‘Brexit-o-meters’ to chart the public’s opinion regards leaving the EU.

Even in Brexit strongholds such as Mansfield, where 70.9% voted Leave in 2016, the group’s feedback suggests the public want another vote.

People's Vote - Nottingham and Nottinghamshire
People’s Vote – Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

Image: Brexit-o-meters in Nottingham in August

Challenged as to whether these findings are found in a political echo chamber, Susan said: “overall the message is still more people are saying they want a vote.

“There’s an element of [pro-Brexit] people not wanting to engage, but we get that with Remainers.

“More people are unhappy with Brexit, more people want a People’s Vote.”

As well as measuring public opinion on Brexit, the Nottingham group have been collecting signatures for a national petition for a People’s Vote and lobbying MPs.

They are also supported by local MPs, such as Nottingham East’s Chris Leslie and Broxtowe’s Anna Soubry, who has donated to the group’s campaign fund.

Despite this surge in anti-Brexit activism, in 2016’s referendum both Nottingham and Nottinghamshire voted to leave the EU, though the city’s incredibly narrow 50.8% Brexit vote was won on the fifth lowest turnout in country, at 61.8%.

Nottingham saw a Non-Partisan Pro-Brexit rally this January, organised by far-right group Make Britain Great Again.

Though Susan wants a People’s Vote, she’s not hoping for the Prime Minister to call a general election just yet.

She said: “I would prefer not to see a general election, right now I don’t think it would help.

“The best way forward is to put it back to the people, not a general election, don’t spend time and energy on that.

“Put it back to the people with a campaign run properly and with integrity, unlike June 2016.”