Transphobic posters have been stuck in a toilet block in Nottingham city centre.

A Twitter user published a photograph of the poster which they found in the women’s public toilets in Greyhound Street.

The text makes spurious claims that “there are men, who have assaulted and raped women, housed in UK women’s prisons because they claim to be women.”

The poster was found as consultation on the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) drew to a close.

It has been graffitied and now mostly destroyed by those disagreeing with its claims. 

Notts LGBT+ Network, who support trans people in Nottingham, have slammed the poster, which they described as “a shock”.

They added: “Nottingham is generally a friendly place for trans people with very little transphobia.

“With the deadline looming to the [GRA] consultation, it was only to be expected that the anti trans lobby would become more vocal , not only in Nottingham, but country wide.

“The general population are sympathetic to the trans community and see that the anti trans brigade are fighting a pointless battle.”

The GRA consultation gathered feedback on proposals which would make it easier for trans people to legally change their gender identity.

Since 2004, when the GRA entered law, only 4910 people have done so, with the government’s survey of LGBTQ+ people finding that many considered the process too bureaucratic, expensive and intrusive.

There have also been reports of transphobic stickers in the city from Twitter users.

However, a poster supporting trans rights was seen on a bus stop near the Victoria Centre this week.

It reads “trans people are real people, stop hurting them”, but has already been removed.