A partnership between residents in Repton, South Derbyshire, and the area’s police Safer Neighbourhood team has been hailed a success.

Earlier this year, residents on Milton Road in the village spoke to their Safer Neighbourhood team expressing concerns about motorists breaking the speed limit on the road.

One of the residents involved in the watch explained: “We were worried that cars appeared to be speeding along the road, particularly between the clearly marked school signs.”

Sarah Robbins, enforcement supervisor for the Casualty Reduction Enforcement Support Team (CREST), said: “We encourage members of communities across Derbyshire to report their concerns about speeding to us as we are all working hard to reduce the number of people hurt on our roads.

“The Repton scheme is a successful model of how best to do that, in that the residents have worked with their local policing team to show that there is an issue in that area.

“As a result we have we have placed enforcement in the locality since the beginning of October this year and in three visits have recorded 64 vehicles travelling in excess of 35mph.”