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Nottinghamshire’s politicians have slammed Theresa May’s proposed Brexit deal this morning.

As reaction to the plans takes over social media, both Labour and Conservatives have spoken out.

Conservative Anna Soubry, MP for Broxtowe and an ardent Remainer, has critiqued both the deal and Dominic Raab’s resignation as Brexit Secretary. She’s also been pushing May to support a People’s Vote in parliament this morning.

Chris Leslie, Labour MP for Nottingham East, claims May’s plan won’t make it through parliament. He’s encouraging supporters to sign a petition asking Jeremy Corbyn to commit to a People’s Vote too.

Lillian Greenwood also suggests that the electorate might want to stay in the EU after the reveal of the Brexit plan. The Labour MP for Nottingham South says May has maintained there were now three options, including Remain.

Another Labour Nottingham MP, Alex Norris, has praised Corbyn’s speech that branded the Brexit plans “half-baked”.

Council politicians are wading into the debate too.

Sam Webster, councillor for Wollaton East, Lenton Abbey and University Park, has been responding to Nigel Farage. He says today’s political chaos was an inevitable symptom of Brexit and that its time to “take back control”.

Another Wollaton East and Lenton Abbey councillor, Sally Longford, is suggesting the Brexit deal is dead already.

The Labour leader of Bassetlaw District council is using #brexitshambles to express his feelings.

Steve Battlemuch, Wollaton West Labour councillor, is tweeting with #brexitshambles too and calling for a general election.