PC Gregor Robbie and police dog Grace tracked down two suspects who robbed a rural Post Office in Nottinghamshire.

Last night PC Robbie was presented with a Chief Constable’s Commendation in recognition of his and Grace’s efforts.

The robbery took place at the Post Office in Stockwith Road, Walkeringham on Tuesday February 7 2017.

The robbers threatened a female member of staff with a hammer before taking off in the victim’s car with around £1,200 in cash.

PC Gregor Robbie and German Shepherd PD Grace arrived at the scene about an hour after the robbery, to begin tracing the robbers where they continued for nearly two hours across fields and farmland.

PD Grace found two items of clothing which had been discarded in a stream under a bridge and persisted across a canal where two suspects were discovered in a outbuilding in field.

The robbers were sentenced to four and three years in prison respectively after pleading guilty in court to robbery and aggravated vehicle taking.