Cosplay meetup in the Arboretum park. Picture taken by Charlie Wolfe.

Comic book enthusiasts dressed as Superheroes and Japanese animation characters met in Arboretum park for a day of bright costumes and photography. 

On Saturday, October 20, a group of cosplay lovers met in the Arboretum park for a cosplay photo shoot.

Cosplay is a term coming from the words costume and play where a person dresses up as their favourite characters from any art form, including movies, TV series or games.

The event attracted 25 different cosplayers and lasted approximately three hours.

Rick Colver, 21, a second-year animation student at Nottingham Trent University went as his alter ego, Agent September.

His online persona is entirely of his Cosplay of Spider-man but with his own twist. During the event he cosplayed as Spider-Cop.

The event is a chance for like minded people to meet up and gave them a chance to get their photos taken to upload to their social media accounts.

Many cosplayers have an online following, so the event attracted photographers willing to help on the day.

Rick Colver as Spider-man (left), Adam Cooper as Michael Myers from the movie Halloween (middle-back) and Amber Humphrey as Dipper from Gravity falls (middle-front).

One of these cosplayers is Jasmine Kok, 19, a first-year animal biology student from NTU Brackenhurst campus:

“I enjoy cosplaying because it was one of the things that inspired me to be who I am. The person I first saw cosplaying was incredibly passionate about it that it made me want to pursue my true goals.”

Jasmine Kok cosplaying a Levi from Attack on Titan. Photo taken by Charlie Wolfe.

The event was organised by Nottingham Trent Student Union (NTSU) Anime Society and attracted many cosplayers to the Arboretum park.

Nicholas Ayres, ex-president and current Social Secretary of NTSU Anime Society said:

“The event went fantastically. For the first time we have ever ran this event, for so many people to turn up and for the weather to be good.

“I felt like the event couldn’t have gone better.”