Nottingham poets and artists gathered at the New Art Exchange as part of Poets Against Racism (PAR), to bring communities together against hate crime.

The event, on November 8, featured a diverse array of performers who were of all ages, races and backgrounds.

Robert Punton, 55, performing at the event

Among the talented performers was disability activist Robert Punton, 55, a founding member of PAR.

Robert believes that as a disabled person he should stand in solidarity with victims of racism.

He said: “I don’t experience the same prejudices of race but we have similar issues as disabled people ourselves.

“We started this two years ago because I’ve got a history of protests on disability matters but I also am a member of stand up to racism and I just love to express myself.

Robert is a committed socialist and in 2015, stood as a TUSC candidate in Perry Barr, Birmingham in the general election – according to Robert’s profile on Disability Arts Online.

“We know the far right is rising all over Europe and especially Britain with people like Tommy Robinson, so the poetry is about getting people to realise that this is a serious problem in Britain and we need to fight it in any way we can.”

“I’ve protested at Prime Minister’s Question Time because I was a person who has the independent living fund was closed down.”

Manjit Sahota, who is also a founder of PAR, said: “For me, poetry and politics are a bigger thing for me to communicate with the city. Its an outlet for me – performing is a connection”

Harry Mellor, 19, performing at Poets Against Racism

Poets Against Racism have raised up to £1000 over the last year and a half.

The money has been used to help raised money for refugees, Calle refugees in particular.