Forest Recreation Ground in Nottingham

New figures have shown that the amount of unsolved crimes in Forest Fields is increasing yearly.

So far, 335 more crimes have ended up with no prosecution this year.

In Forest Fields, 85 per cent of crimes committed this year have led to no conviction and this has increased by 3 per cent since 2016 with expectations of a further increase by the end of the year.

50 per cent of crime in Forest Fields was left unresolved in 2016 and this increased to 53 per cent in 2017.

With the number of Police officers in Nottingham at their lowest since 2012 with 1,838 officers active, 15 per cent fewer than in 2012 it’s only understandable that less crimes are being solved.

31 crimes have been reported in Russell Road this year.

Most of these crimes involved violence and anti-social behaviour and none of them resulted in a conviction.

A local resident, 36, from Russell Road said: “This area is so busy you don’t really expect much crime happening, maybe guys shouting out and stuff like that, but I’m shocked to hear about so much violent crime.”

1,508 crimes this year in the Berridge policing area resulted in “Investigation complete no suspect identified” or “Unable to prosecute suspect”, where no one faced charges for the crime.

Berridge policing area statistics. Crime by percentage %

This is not only the case in Forest Fields, as 69 per cent of crimes committed in the St Ann’s area end up with no one being charged with “no suspect identified” due to lack of evidence.

Karen Fitzgerald, 52, a nurse living in St Ann’s says: “A lot of offences occur, and people keep quiet out of fear of retaliation.”

“We need more police. The criminals are outnumbering the available officers, it’s a problem with future safety, not enough police equals more crime and less response times to serious incidents.”