A housing development next to a day nursery is ‘an accident waiting to happen’, according to a concerned councillor.

The homes on Wilford Lane – near where it meets Bruce Drive – faced opposition from residents and businesses, who fear for the safety of the day nursery’s children.

Rushcliffe Planning Committee approved the plans in early October.

The access road which will lead to the new houses with the Day Nursery visible on the right

The one-way system the nursery has over its traffic will be lost when the development begins.

Ms Alison Putnar, who runs West Bridgford Day Nursery, said on the planning application online: “Residents would be exiting from the entrance to both the staff car park and parents’ drop-off points.

“This causes me grave concerns about the safety of my staff, parents and children.”

Councillor Phillips added to his fears of an accident by stating the visibility towards the eastern end of Wilford Lane was “not 45 metres of vision”, as planners ensured.

The view towards the eastern end of Wilford Lane, with visibility being considerably less than the 45 metres the committee said was visible.

He said: “Unfortunately, the planning officer gets the last say after myself and Mr Kirby had spoken at the meeting.

“We don’t get the opportunity to respond if we feel the officer has missed a point or not addressed a point fully. Perhaps we should.”

The councillor suggested the committee was hard-pressed to accept the application as the borough needs to deliver 13,000 new homes by 2028.

He said: “There is obviously pressure on the council to deliver these homes. The committee will form their own opinions, but they can only form those opinions on the evidence presented with each case.”

These are some other housing developments going ahead in the borough.

The development on Wilford Lane will undoubtedly add congestion to an already busy road.

Mr Kirby, a neighbour of the nursery, said to the committee: “I often have to wait three to five minutes to pull my car out onto Wilford Lane.”

To voice an opinion about this development, visit planningon-line.rushcliffe.gov.uk/online-applications.