Nottingham’s Trent Bridge Cricket Stadium has an improved outfield drainage system in place to counter match disruptions due to rain this World Cup.

Steve Birks, the head groundsman of Trent Bridge Cricket Stadium, said: “We have got a new outfield put in that drains about 25 million per hour, which is very good. We have some decent pitches and if we get any rain, we should play most games here.”

Steve Birks, the head groundsman of Trent Bridge Cricket Stadium                                        Image credit: Nabanita Das

England will host the 12th edition of the Cricket World Cup after 20 years and the home team will face Pakistan on June 3 at Trent Bridge.

Birks, who has been looking after the stadium for 22 years, asserts that the ground has all the modern equipment required for international matches.

The ground has hover crafted pitch cover to combat rainwater.

“The hovercraft covers majority of the area that needs to be covered and helps in drying quickly.”

The stadium, which is also the home ground for Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club (NCCC), is the venue for five matches this World Cup.

To keep the ground green, Birks informed that they are using more fertilisers.

“We have a new company coming in for fertilisers. And we are using more wetting agents and spraying more to keep the ground greener. Apart from that, we are doing our normal job and are ready for the big days,” he added.

The stadium is anticipating a full house for all the CWC matches and has therefore recruited 16 temporary groundsmen along with the regular staff.

They are receiving training at Lady Bay Sports Ground, the training base of NCCC.

The month-and-a-half long cricketing tournament begins on May 30 at the Oval in London, where England faces South Africa.