A Nottingham student has been fined for harassing a 19-year-old woman through several social media accounts.

The 19-year-old victim, known as Paige, said the male student threatened posting her name, face and mobile number on social media when she refused to speak to him, so decided to notify the police.

Now the 20-year-old – accused by at least five other girls he met online of similar harassment – has been warned if his behaviour continues, he will be excluded from the University of Nottingham.

Paige said she hasn’t felt safe for a while and has missed college because the harasser knew where she studied.

CBJStar has been given permission to use some screenshots of texts.

One text read: “im gna repost wen everyones active. ppl will still see who u are. good luck. I got ur face thats all i need.”

She was left “shaking” and “too scared” to check her phone after receiving messages from the Economics student.

They added: “someone baited out what college u go to. U got 5 mins to call [him] & apologise”

‘Paige’ received at least 30 unknown calls and texts within just two hours.

When putting allegations to an account the accused was thought to be behind, he responded to the name in question and said his situation had been “dealt with”.

He added: “Posting or publishing a story is unnecessary.”

He didn’t deny any allegations when we contacted him.

After police would not take criminal action the case was handed over to the University of Nottingham.

A spokesperson said: “The student has been heavily fined and warned that a repeat of his behaviour will result in his exclusion from the University.

“We will not tolerate unacceptable behaviours online or offline and offer our full support to anyone affected by this student’s harassment.”

Paige, the 19-year-old victim who prompted the investigation, said she has spoken to other girls affected that are “hurting in silence”.

She added: “He might do worse things soon and to younger girls.”