Have you heard of the term MAP? Charlie Wolfe talks to people who are sexually attracted to children and admit it openly on their social media profiles.

A community of non-offending paedophiles who describe themselves as “MAPs” or “NOMAPs” are using social media as an online support group.

The term MAP/NOMAP stands for “minor attracted person” or “non-offensive minor attracted person” is used in their social media profiles to find each other online.

Many people who identify as MAP’s are using the website Twitter as a support network.

But most of the MAPs interviewed on Twitter said to have not sought any professional treatment.

Andrew, 23, a university student from England realised of his attraction to children almost two years ago:

“I saw an article about Todd [Nickerson] and Gary [Gibson], two out paedophiles, and realised I felt those same feelings. I instantly could see crushes I had previously on kids, it was a pretty crazy time.

“I am attracted to adults too, but it’s fairly rare and not as strong. Like, Britney Spears and Shakira are attractive, but a random seven year old is most likely going to be more attractive to me.”

Andrew says despite his attraction to children he would like to find a partner who is accepting and to have children of his own in the future.

“There are quite a few MAPs with accepting partners or kids if you look around,” he said.

“I am hoping my current 18 year old crush might go somewhere. I have seen pics of her at 14 or 15 years old, and I can say with sad certainty she is less physically attractive to me now than then.”

Many MAPs said to have been using the social media website Tumblr as an online community but claimed to have gotten removed at the same time as the Tumblr December 2018 adult content ban resulting in them using Twitter instead.

Charity’s like StopSo UK offer therapy for “to anyone worried about their sexual thoughts before they offend” but they do not receive much funding.

Juliet Grayson, Psychosexual Therapist and Chair of StopSO said:

“We believe that therapy should be provided free-of-charge to all perpetrators asking for help who cannot afford to pay for themselves, as a cost-effective way of reducing sexual offending in the UK.

“But we are currently having to turn away 20% of those who approach us due to lack of funds.”

Animated child porn was made illegal in the UK under the Consultation on the Possession of Non-Photographic Visual Depictions of Child Sexual Abuse Act, but Andrew believes it has made the situation worse.

“I think CP[Child pornography] is an issue for people in the community, I couldn’t say how many but I’m actively supportive in the community and know a few who will speak to me in hypotheticals, looking to stop,” said Andrew.

“People do break the law to satisfy their libido. I’d much rather there were legal options available… And making people criminals on the sex offenders registry for looking at drawings… is completely excessive.”

Todd Nickerson, 45, from the USA is a political activist and virtuous paedophile who moderates the website VirPed.org, an online forum for non-offending paedophiles seeking help.

Nickerson gained attention online after he featured in a YouTube video by Barcroft TV speaking about his campaign for fair treatment for non-offending paedophiles.

When questioned on this recent development on Twitter he said:

“Online communities are essential for NOMAPs. Having a community of like-minded people who understand you and support your need to stay legal is the best insurance against offending.

“It’s when we become isolated, stressed and fatalistic that offences happen…”

He explains that he believes the term MAP was “coined by paedophilia experts” but many think it was created by paedophiles to “somehow trick the public” causing controversy online.

This has led to people reporting MAP/NOMAP profiles as inappropriate on Twitter to get them banned and a lot of outraged tweets asking for action to be taken against people identifying as MAPs on Twitter.

Some of these profiles use the term AOA, “Age of attraction” stating the ages of children they are attracted too, making other Twitter users feel uncomfortable.

Adrian, 21 from Russia is a MAP supporter: “It’s mostly a tradition for those who came from Tumblr,” he said.

“I personally put mine there out of solidarity and to remind people that an AOA [Age of attractions] is a universal concept.

“Too many think AOA is a “paedophile word”, while in reality we all have AOA [Age of attractions].”

NOMAP profile on Twitter

Further anger has been spread online as pro LGBT paedophile posters and LGBT Paedophile flags have been shared online claiming that MAPs are trying to join the LGBT community.

A view that all the MAPs that were questioned on Twitter denied.

“No one I know is trying to get a P in LGBT+. There may be a few who wouldn’t mind it, but no one is actively working toward it,” Nickerson said.

“It’s largely a made-up controversy designed by the far right to try sabotage both the LGBT community and the MAP community.

“We recognise paedophilia as a sexual orientation, but also as it’s own thing.”

Reddit post made on the LGBT group by one of it’s moderators

Kyle, 26 from the USA has known of his attraction to children from the age of 15:

“The rainbows on a lot of the twitter MAP’s names is in support of a fellow map who went by rainbow who recently tried to commit suicide after enduring a lot of hate. It has nothing to do with LGBT. ”

“I don’t use that label [NOMAP] as I find it fuels the false perception that it takes more effort than any other sexual orientation to not offend which it does not.

“No other set of attractions and their labels needs a NO label to be assumed such upon hearing and neither should we.”

Both Tumblr and Twitter have been contacted regarding their policies on MAPs/NOMAPs but neither social media platform has yet replied.