Anna Soubry
Image credit: Foreign and Commonwealth Office via Flickr

Nottinghamshire MP Anna Soubry has been forced to cancel her surgeries over death threat fears.

The representative for Broxtowe said: “Unfortunately, due to security concerns following death threats I no longer advertise surgeries.

“Instead I see people at their convenience in my constituency office or I will visit them at home.”

A senior police officer also told Soubry that he believed all MPs should have security to search constituents for weapons before they meet.

Soubry, a member of Change UK, said she “certainly won’t be doing that, but it is a sad indictment of the state of our politics.”

The 62-year-old has been plagued by death threats and online abuse in recent months, due to her opposition to Brexit and outspoken support for the People’s Vote campaign.

In March it was reported that she had been told by police that she should not return to her Nottinghamshire home for the weekend.

She told journalists: “When a senior police officer tells your partner that, if it was his wife in the situation that I am in, he would say ‘I am frightened for her safety’ I think that tells you everything.”