Royal residence Kensington palace. Picture taken by Nabanita Das

Last bank holiday Monday the royal baby was born.

The currently unnamed baby boy has been given the name Baby Sussex by the internet and has now been seen by the public for the first time.

Prince Harry’s face was visibly filled with joy on Monday and the same can be said for him today.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex appeared with their child in front of cameras for the first time.

The young royal was seen wrapped up tightly in white.

A brief glance back at the royal couple’s life together.

Plenty of well-wishers online!

This tweet revealed who was the first family member to see the baby.

Babies in San Francisco were given golden crowns on Monday as they shared the same birthdate as the new royal!

Brands, such as Pretty Little Thing, have also shared their joy on Twitter

The Onion raised this interesting question ahead of the photo reveal.