Old Market Square

The political parties have launched their campaigns. The deadline to register to vote has passed. Even Theresa May has accepted she can’t agree a deal that will halt them. Like it or not, the European elections are fast headed your way.

But how do the people of Nottingham feel about their next trip to the ballot box on May 23? On a dismal – and distinctly British – May morning, CBJ Star asked people in Old Market Square about their views on the impending European elections.

Gillian Minogue (49)

Gillian will be voting in the EU elections and saw all elections as something vital to participate in.

The property surveyor from Nottingham said: “All elections are important, we might not have had the opportunity this time.

“This is an opportunity for democratic expression of what people think.”


John Moore (28)

John was also enthusiastic about voting in the European elections and said he hopes to see a second referendum emerge from the government’s negotiations.

“It’s important to have a say on what goes on in the next few months that we are definitely in the EU, whether that’s getting out of the EU or to get a better chance to stay or a second vote,” said the brewer based in Derby.


Janet Ford (73)

However, Janet, from Newton, seemed exasperated with the Brexit process. But, she is registered to vote and maintained that people should take part in the May 23 elections.

She said: “People have voted already to leave and it’s such a mess, I think it’s really important that we vote.

“You can’t moan, if it doesn’t go your way, if you don’t vote.

“You have had your say,” added the retiree.


Nicole Blake (35)

Nicole disagreed with Janet though. She wasn’t registered to vote in the election and didn’t feel the vote was important.

A carer in Nottingham, she said: “I’m not really interested, I don’t really know much about the European side.”

“Voting in the European elections is about what they are doing in the country about Brexit.”


Glenn Jarvis (34)

Glenn shared this disinterest. Visiting Nottingham for work from Redditch, near Birmingham, he didn’t see the point of holding European elections after the Brexit vote, although he did plan to vote.

He said: “It’s not particularly important.

“I just think, if we are coming out, it’s a waste.

“It’s sort of a waste of public resources if we are leaving, it’s going to be a waste going forward,” added the construction manager.


John Etchs (72)

John was far more upbeat about the chance to vote again. A retired site manager from Mapperley, he was full of enthusiasm for the EU.

“I wish we would just stay in the EU; I like Europe,” he said.

“I believe we have people coming to this country to learn and we gain a lot from them.”