Game of Thrones is one of the world’s biggest budget TV shows – but with the amount of scenes that need to be filmed it isn’t surprising that sometimes things do not always go to plan.

Here are the five biggest mistakes from the series:

1. Mother of Coffee

During the 4th episode of the final season fans where surprised to see a Starbucks’ coffee cup on the table in the background.

Later the official HBO Game of Thrones Twitter page commented after news of the rouge coffee cup had spread all around the internet.

It was not long after that the mistake was removed from the episode with the repeat episode now sadly not featuring the cup.


2. Melisandre’s Necklace

During Season Six Melisandre removed her trademark necklace to reveal her true form as an ancient and tired woman before shuffling off to bed. But people were quick to point out Melisandre has removed her necklace before and still looked exactly the same.


3. Stannis’ laptop charger

Spoilers for season 5 ahead! In the season five when Stannis is lying on the snow slowly dying after his battle to become King some fans noticed a device hanging from his leg with a cable attached.

People where quick to say it looks like a charger but a popular theory is that it was some kind of pump to create the effect of Stannis’ bleeding leg.

4. Sansa Targaryen

In the opening credits for Game of Thrones all the actors names appear with the symbol for their character’s house next to them. But in Season One there was a mistake with Sansa Stark, or Sansa Targaryen in this case.

Sophie Turner who plays Sansa pops up with Masie Williams who plays Arya, Sansa’s sister but a snake symbol for House Targaryen is beside her name rather than the dire wolf that represents her character’s house.

5. Dany’s hair swap

During the first episode of season 8 Daenery’s, Jon Snow and her army arrive at Winterfell  on horseback to meet with Sansa Stark to prepare for the battle against the white walkers.

Some fans were confused when they noticed that Daenery’s elaborate plaits at the side and back of her head changed with every scene from a crisscross of side plaits to a big bun in the next scene. I guess these scenes were filmed on different days!