Ramadan has begun and Muslims all over the world are fasting from sunrise until sunset.

For some countries, like Russia, this means fasting for up to 20 hours in some cities, as opposed to Argentina, fasting for only 10 hours.

This means that for some Muslims, they only have around 4 hours to break their fasts and pray the night prayer, which can take up to an hour and half to complete.

However, daylight hours are not the only measure to a difficult fasting period, climate plays a large part too.

Majority Muslim countries within the Middle East and North Africa fast on average between 12 and 15 hours, however this can be far more difficult to endure than a cool European country, due to the harsh heat, which can rise up to 50 degrees in this region of the world.

We’ve put together an interactive map so that you can see how long Muslims around the world are fasting.

Hover over the country to reveal the daylight hours!